Interagency Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program

Air Resource Advisors set up smoke monitors with real-time telemetry to monitor conditions in impacted areas where monitoring information is not available.

Air Resource Advisor deploying a monitor
Air Resource Advisor deploying a monitor

A national cache of 35 smoke particulate monitoring kits (26 E-Samplers and 9 EBAMs) is available for deployment to wildland fires upon request of firefighting agencies with US Forest Service. The kits provide real-time measurements of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and are available for monitoring both wildfire emissions and prescribed burns. Learn more about how to order a smoke monitor from the cache.

The Monitoring website provides near real-time information from monitors around the country.

See the full Monitoring website for full legend, timeseries and more:

Visit Monitoring website for latest NowCast values based on PM2.5 monitors (temporary and permanent monitors):

Triangles = temporary monitors

Circles = permanent monitors