Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program

ARA Pre-Work: more info...

Obtain AirNowTech account:

Navigate to AirNow Tech website

Click "Log In" in upper right corner

Click link to "Request an AirNow-Tech Account"

Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS):

Obtain WFDSS account (for access problems, please contact Pete Lahm)

Navigate to WFDSS home page

Select "Request Account" on the left*

*Note: if "Request Account" link does not work, use this link: https://wfdss.usgs.gov/WfdssApp/faces/facelets/login/WFDSSLogin.xhtml

Video: Watch introductory video on WFDSS

WFDSS exercises:

1. Log in to "Production" side of WFDSS using the menu on the left using your login and password.

2. Click on the "incidents" tab

3. In the filter on the top, type Schaeffer in the incident input box and 2017 in the year box and click on "find incident". Choose the Schaeffer fire.

4. Click on the "information" tab and answer these questions: What was the cause of the Schaeffer fire? How many acres did this fire burn? On what date was this fire controlled?

5. Click on the "objectives" tab and answer this question: How many numbered incident objectives and how many incident requirements specific to air quality are listed?